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College Library

Origin and purpose:

  • The Library of the College of Arts is one of the most important means of educational support in the college. The library draws its vision and objectives from the objectives of the college and its mission which is an integral part of the mission of the college, which deals mainly with education, scientific research and community service.
  • The library was established in 1980/1981.
  • The library is divided into four libraries (Arabic Library, Foreign Languages Library, Scientific Research Library, and Digital Library). The library includes 8 computers, divided into 5 devices dedicated to the Arabic library, 3 devices for the foreign library and 1 photo state machine.
  • The Arabic library contains 23.036 containers while the foreign library is 7295 and the research library is 1402.
  • In 1998/99, there were 2 librarians who organized the library by cataloging and classification by manual system, then shelving books and writing paper lists.
  • The Library was subsequently provided with 7 specialists in 2011 and 2012, respectively.
  • With the beginning of quality and the digitization of libraries through the "Union of Libraries of Egyptian Universities" library began to record books, research and periodicals electronically.
  • The library then started borrowing and electronic inventory.
  • The library began to electronically catalog the books and link them to the electronic system.
  • Full paper lists of the library were made after the completion of the work on the system.
  • The library has a total area of 150 m2, it contains about (22.000 Arabic books, 7,000 foreign books and 2000 scientific research).