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General Rules for obtaining a PhD degree

Registration requirements for the PhD degree:

To enroll for a doctorate degree in Arts, the following are required in scholar: 1. Must have a master's degree in literature from an Egyptian university or an equivalent degree from a corresponding college or other recognized scientific institute, and at least C + in Master's degree courses.

2. Have a bachelor's or bachelor's degree in specialization from one of the Egyptian universities or non-Egyptian universities corresponding to them with a general grade of C + at least in the average of his estimates during the study years, and B- in the specialization branch. The scientific section shall be allowed to propose the admission of foreign students and their loading with supplementary courses provided that they receive a C assessment in these courses. The supplementary courses are not calculated in the GPA.

3. The student obtains the approval of his employer to enroll in graduate studies.

4. The student's file shall be transferred to the appropriate scientific department to express an opinion and to appoint an academic advisor to the student.

5. The student prepares an innovative study plan. This plan represents a new scientific addition in accordance with Article (178) of the University Organizing Law (according to the model prepared for this purpose) and presented in a general seminar in the scientific department to discuss it.

6. The department council shall form the supervisory committee of the doctoral student. The principal scientific supervisor shall act as the academic advisor. The composition of the graduate committee shall be approved by the college council and the university council.

7. In the case of the participation of an external supervisor of the Supervisory Committee, the reasons for the contribution of this member should be clarified and a statement of his biography should be provided and the role of the supervisor in the field of supervision should be clarified. This shall be presented to the

8. Department Council, the Graduate Studies Committee, and then the College Council. 9. The date of approval of the College Council is the registration date, after the approval of the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research.