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Conferences & workshops

Benha Faculty of Arts organizes a number of conferences :
the First Al-Qalqashandy Conference 2000.
The Arab Woman Conference 2001.
the Silver Jubilee of Faculty of Arts 2006.
the second Al-Qalqashandi Conference 18-19 March 2007 "The Parties' Experience in Egypt (1907-2007), headed by prof. Hamada Ismail, the Dean of the Faculty.
Higher Education Conference: Current Status and the changing Culture 12-14 April 2009.

Analyzing the most important issues related to Higher Education.
Dealing with the most important issues confronting Higher Education.
Determining obstacles of Higher Education.
Putting Academic Study into Practice to develop Higher Education.
Alternative Future Solutions.

Conference Dimensions:
Higher Education: Current Status.
Higher Education: Challenges.
Higher Education: Economic Modifications.
Higher Education: Globalization Horizon.
Higher Education Knowledge Community.
Higher Education Human Development.
Higher Education Culture Dialogues.
Higher Education A Call for Change.
Higher Education Future Alternatives.
Environmental Problems Conference 21-22 April 2009.

Preparing a scientific Study on environmental problems.
Solutions and Suggestions offered to prevent the occurrence of these environmental problems.
Solution for confronting these environmental problems.
Suggesting programs for developing the current stat.

Conference Dimensions:
Environmental Pollution.
Natural and Environmental Dangers.
Humanistic Dangers and Environmental problems.
The role of modern technology in development.
Community Culture and environmental problems.
The influence of environmental problems on development.

- A conference entitled (Egyptian Personality through the Ages) will be held during the academic year 2010-2011.

Workshops' Plan
Workshops on the quality management system in the faculty.
Workshops on the Strategic Plan of the faculty.
Workshops on swine flu.
Workshops on e-portal.
Workshops on Academic Counseling.